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Stokes addition

 Unprocessed Material
Identifier: ML-2017-010

Content Description

Additional file sent by Elizabeth Stokes. From email: 4-5 of the drawers have correspondence my father received concerning Mary's Gardens– inquiries, orders. There are also billing files. In 3-4 drawers are boxes of index files on which it appears my father catalogued every bit of correspondence he received, I think in 2 ways – alphabetically and by state. There are also files with mailing address labels in them. One drawer has copies of my father's correspondence with various organizations (religious, mostly Catholic? ) on a variety of topics, I think mostly from the 1950's. One file box has information about flower shows my father displayed at, and information about the statues, and other famous gardens. Another box has notes that I believe is flower research he did in the 1980’s at Widener Library at Harvard University. There is also correspondence with Ada Bethune (who designed the MG statues). One question: in the 2 photos of the file cabinets, you will see there is also a larger light green file cabinet - which was not included in the above tally. This is full of clippings my father kept over the years (probably all from 1950’s & 1960’s) on any topic that interested him - one of the attached photos has a sampling of files. Is this of any interest to you? If not, we will likely discard them. Also included several statues

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Sent by Elizabeth Stokes. Received August 2017.

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28 Linear Feet (Rehoused upon receipt into 28 record boxes)


Available in Marian Library team drive