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Harry Miller Christian comic book collection

 Unprocessed Material
Identifier: CSC-2015-2

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  • 1940s-2000s


12 Linear Feet (17 boxes)


Harry Miller Christian Comics Collection: Box 2: Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Teacher?s Edition, Vol. 17, No. 2 Treasure Chest, Vol. 1, No. 1-6 Treasure Chest, Vol. 2, no. 1-10, 12, 17-20 Treasure Chest, Vol. 3, no. 1-20 Treasure Chest, Vol. 4, no. 1-20 Treasure Chest, Vol. 5, no. 1-20 Treasure Chest, Vol. 6, no. 1-19 Box 4: Treasure Chest, part 2 Treasure Chest, Vol. 7 Treasure Chest, Vol. 8 Treasure Chest, Vol. 9 Treasure Chest, Vol. 10 Treasure Chest, Vol. 11 Treasure Chest, Vol. 12, no. 1-19 Box 3: Treasure Chest Treasure Chest, Volume 13, no. 1-8; 10-20 Treasure Chest, Volume 14, no. 1-20 Treasure Chest, Volume 15, no. 1-20 Treasure Chest, Volume 16, no. 1-20 Treasure Chest, Volume 17, no. 1-20 Treasure Chest, Volume 18, no. 1-11, 13-19 Treasure Chest, Volume 19, no. 1-20 Box 5: Treasure Chest comics Treasure Chest, Vol. 20-23; Vol. 25, no. 1-18 Summer Treasure Chest, Vol. 1, no. 1-3, 5-6; Vol. 2, no. 1-6 Treasure Chest, Vol. 25, no. 1-15 Box 14: Alpha-Omega, bi-monthly issues, #1-50. Published by the Christian Comics Art Society. Christianity and the Arts, Vol. 8, #2, with article by Harry Miller, ?Christian Comics: Making God?s Word Visible?, page 30-33 Alpha Omega, #51-81; 87; and related correspondence and paperwork The ?Nuff Said, #37, Feb. 1995 A Handbook of Basic Art Terms, by Harry Miller. 8 copies Correspondence related to Directory of Christian Artists Issues of local Kentucky newspapers. Box 17: Alpha Omega, #51 - *Funnyman 6 issues of Vital Signs, published by the International Association of Near Death Studies (v. 29, #3-4; v. 30, #1-4; v. 31, #1) Correspondence with Christian organizations, publishers Box 16: Alpha and Omega #82-88 Harry Miller manuscripts, correspondence with publishers, and correspondence with artists of Treasure Chest Box 5: Alpha Omega Alpha Omega #89-99; 101-105; 107-123 Box #7: Christian Comics #1 Aida-Zee, #1 The Apparition: Abandoned; Whispered Promises, Part 1 and 2; Whose Child Is This; A Long Night?s Goodbye Archangels: The Saga Bible Tales for Young Folk Behold the Handmaid Bible Visualized Series: 7 issues The Birth of a Saviour Book of Angels Book of Genesis Brother Andre Blessed Pius X Call from Christ The Cardinal and Galen The Catholic Boy Catholic Comics, Vol. 1, no. 5-8, 12; Vol. 2, no. 2, 4, 8-9 The Challenger, no. ?, 3, 4 Challenge to the World The Christophers Destination: Creation The Story of Jesus The Children?s Favorite Bible Stories The Ten Commandments The Commandments of God Letter about Chick Publications The Crusaders, vol. 1-15, 17 C. S. Lewis? The Screwtape Letters (comics version) Double-Shot Found Francis, Brother of the Universe (3 copies) Dell Movie Classic: David and Goliath Dell Movie Classic: The Story of Ruth God?s Heroes in America God?s Special Agents The Golden Plates Happiness and Healing for You Herauts: Le tresor de la Tennesse, Vol. 6, no. 10, Vol. 14, no. 1 Heroes All ? 19 issues Heroes of the Faith series ? 1983; 1988-1990 Illuminator, no. 1-3 In His Steps In Love With Jesus Is This Tomorrow: America Under Communism Joan of Arc King of Kings Jewish Hero Corps Left Behind graphic novel ? 9 volumes The Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary The Life of Christ Little Boy of Summer The Living Bible: The Life of Paul The Living Bible: Joseph and His Brethren Box #1: Christian Comics #3 ? Tyndale House Publishers; Treasure Chest vol. 26-27 Sammy Saved and Al Most Samson, Judge of Israel, by Mario Ruiz and Jerry A. Novick Simpsons Comics Spider Baby Comix Jesus: The Man With the Miracle Touch Joseph: The Kid Whose Dreams Came True Moses: The Man Who Talked to Bushes Samson: The Kid Who Never Got a Haircut The Truth for Youth Comics Amazing True Life Stories, no. 1-2 Beyond Human, Issue #0 Captain Salvation Chosen Mortals (2 issues) Chosen A Christmas Treasury The Christian Crusader, Book 1-3 The Christ of Prophecy ?Nate?s Notes? newsletter (2 issues) The Christian Ministries Resource Letter, Vol. 1, no. 1 (newsletter) Christian Comics and Games Magazine (test issue and first issue) The Confessional The Confrontation, Book 1 and 2 Cross Press Comics Magazine Dr. Doctrine?s Christian Comix, #1-4, and ?Dempey?s One Spiritual Law? Systematic Theology Comix and Stories, #6, 14, 17 Clicking on Icons (a Dr. Doctrine book) Photoocpy of ?A New Hieroglyphical Bible,? 1836 Freedom Fighter Glory to God, no. 1-2 HeroTV: Capes on Location Humants, no. 1-2 Legends: Korah?s Rebellion New Crew no. 1 Paro-Dee Private Sector Project: New Man Power Mark: The Mission Royal Guard Scattered Bible Comics Presents The Story of Jesus Temptation Timepiece Valiant Efforts Treasure Chest Vol. 26, no. 1-8 Treasure Chest Vol. 27, no. 1-8 Dennis the Menace: Dennis and the Bible Kids (10 issues) The Life of Christ: The Christmas Story (2 copies) The Life of Christ: The Easter Story The Life of Pope John Paul II (three copies) Testament Color photocopies from the Billy Graham Center Museum : Billy Graham with Cliff Barrow presents the Story of Naaman the Leper The Story of David and Goliath as told by Cliff Barrows Cliff Barrows tells the story of Daniel in the Lion?s Den Box 8: (Christian Comics #2) Run Baby Run: The True Story of Nicky Cruz (2) Prison to Praise: The True Story of Merlin R. Carothers Marx, Lenin, Mao and Christ Mother Theresa of Calcutta New Visions The Miracle Touch (Oral Roberts? True Stories) Released! (Oral Roberts? True Stories) Tom?s Big Story The Mayor of Capitol Avenue A New World Song of Freedom The Passion Picture Stories from the Bible (4 volumes) Padre Pio Pope John Paul II Salem Kirban?s 666 Come Meet My Friend! Spire Christian Comics: Adam and Eve Alpha and Omega Attack! (2) Barney Bear: Home Plate! Barney Bear: Out of the Woods! Barney Bear: Wakes Up! (2) Barney Bear: Born Again Adventure! With the Brothers: The Cult Escape Adventure! With the Brothers: Hang in There (2) Aventure! With the Brothers: Smashing the Smugglers? Ring The Cross and the Switchblade (3) (Barbour Christian Comics) Crossfire (3) God Is? God?s Smuggler (2) The Gospel Blimp Hansi: The Girl Who Loved the Swastika The Hiding Place In His Steps In the Presence of Mine Enemies Jesus Live It Up My Brothers? Keeper Noah?s Ark On the Road with Andrae Crouch Paul: Close Encounter of a Real Kind (2) Through Gates of Splendor Time to Run Tom Landry and the Dallas Cowboys Tom Skinner Up from Harlem Yankee Doodle: The Spirit of Liberty Archie and Big Ethel (2) Archie and Mr. Weatherbee Archie?s Car Archie Gets a Job (2) Archie?s Clean Slate Archie?s Date Book Archie?s Family Album Archie?s Festival Archie?s Love Scene Archie?s One Way (2) Archie?s Parables Archie?s Roller Coaster Archie?s Something Else Archie?s Sonshine Archie?s Sports Scene Archie?s World Jughead?s Soul Food The Story of the Mass Sunday Pix: Jacob Sunday Pix: Song of Solomon Sunday Pix: Zamp: The Thrilling Story of Louis Zamperini Sunday Pix: The Stolen Cup Sunday Pix: Spies in Jericho The First Men in the Moon Tales from the Great Book (3 different issues) Topix: Volume 5, No. 1 ? Vol. 10, No. 14 (not complete run) The Truth Behind the Trial of Cardinal Mindszenty Two Faces The World Is His Parish: The Story of Pope Pius XII Box 13: Miscellaneous books X= (probably) discard **=keep King David, by Kyle Baker X Correspondence with seller Doug Sulipa?s Comic World The Picture Bible Correspondence with Catholics United for the Faith Visual Piety, by David Morgan X (UD has copy) The Comics Go To Hell, by Fredrik Stromberg X The Invisible God, by Paul Corby Finney X (UD has copy) Heaven?s War, by Micah Harris and Michael Gaydos X Icons of American Protestantism: Art of Warner Sallman (exhibit program) ** J. R. R. Tolkien: Artist and Illustrator, by Hammond and Scul X (UD has copy) Iconum Biblicarum, by Matthaus Merian ** maybe? Cornerstones of Christianity, copyright 1913 ** Biblia Pauperum, by Avril Henry X (UD has copy) Proverbs and Parables (New Creation Publications) ** Illuminated Manuscripts, by Giulia Bologna X (UD has copy) Born Is He, The Child Divine, by Amy Gelber X (UD has copy) Book Illumination: Early Middle Ages, by Carl Nordenfalk X (UD has copy) Exhibiting the Visual Culture of American Religions, by Morgan and Promey (signed by Morgan) X (UD has copy) Eye Witness: A Fictional Tale of Absolute Truth, by Luedke ** (not many copies in WCat) Divine Images, by Kinnard and Davis X (UD has copy) Gustave Doré, by Dan Malan ? The Bible Eden, by Giffen, Elliott, Hampton ** (not many copies) Michelangelo The Last Judgment A Glorious Restoration X (UD has copy) Box 10: miscellaneous books The Good Citizen?s Handbook, by Jennifer McKnight-Trontz The Portable Blake, edited by Alfred Kazin Heroes of the Bible, by Carolyn Larsen What?s Darwin Got to Do With It? By Newman and Wiester The Gospel According to Superman, by John T. Galloway The Picture Bible for All Ages, Vol. 2, 4, and 6 In The Beginning The Chosen People Jesus and the Early Church The Book of Urizen, by William Blake Milton, A Poem, by William Blake The Story of the Jews, by Stan Mack The Bible in Pictures, edited by Ralph Kirby Arab Comic Strips: Politics of an Emerging Mass Culture by Allen Douglas and Fedwa Malti-Douglas Illuminated Fantasy, by James Whitlark Proverbs and Parables (signed by authors/editors) St. Leonard?s Way of the Cross The Bible Story, by Basil Wolverton, Vol. 1, 2, 4, in 1960s edition. The Bible Story, by Basil Wolverton, Vol. 1-6, 1982 edition. Box 12: Christian Hardbacks and other large comics Protestants and Pictures, by David Morgan The Early Comic Strip (History of the Comic Strip, Vol. 1), by David Kunzle The Graphic Bible, by Jeff Anderson and Mike Maddox Read ?n? Grow Picture Bible (Focus on the Family edition) The Graphic Bible, by Lewis Browne The Big Book of Martyrs, by John Wagner The Westminster Shorter Catechism with Cartoons Picture Stories from the Bible from Creation to Judah Maccabee Picture Stories from the Bible ? The Old Testament Picture Stories from the Bible ? The New Testament Picture Puzzles, or How to Read the Bible by Symbols The Children?s Book of Bible Stories Reinventing Comics, by Scott McCloud The History of the Comic Strip: The Nineteenth Century, by David Kunzle Draw 50 People of the Bible, by Lee J. Ames and Andre Le Blanc William Blake: The Seer and His Visions, by Milton Klonsky The Picture Bible, script by Iva Hoth When Was Christ Crucified? By Ed(ward) F. Vallowe The Catholic Bible in Pictures, edited by Monsignor Dante Del Fiorentino Loose issues of ?Tales from the Great Book,? a Sunday strip Timeless Topix, Vol. 1, no. 3, 5, 7; vol. 4, no. 1-2; vol. 6, no. 6; vol. 2, no. 7-8 The Story of the Theban Legion Heroes All ? Catholic Action Illustrated, vol. 3, no. 8-9 Sunday Pix, by David C. Cook Box 11: Correspondence, 1993-1998 Cover topics of comics and Harry?s writings Box 6: Books The Parables of Peanuts, by Robert L. Short Bible History (Catholic schoolbook) by Johnson, Hannan, St. Dominica The Story of Jesus (Classics Illustrated Special Issue) The Ten Commandments (Classics Illustrated Special Issue) Tullus and the Ransom Gold Tullus and the Vandals of the North O?Malley?s Nuns, by Bill O?Malley More O?Malley?s Nuns, by Bill O?Malley Young Pillars, by Charles M. Schulz The Little Friar Brother Juniper Well Done, Brother Juniper Brother Juniper at Work and Play Brother Juniper Strikes Again Topix Library Edition, 1949-1950 The Gospel According to the Simpsons (unedited sample) by Mark I. Pinsky Cartoon Key to Heaven Six Chick tracts ? ?Are Roman Catholics Christian??; ?Allah Had No Son?; ?Soul Story?; ?The Assignment?; ?The Crisis?; ?Dark Dungeons? Various other tracts by the American Tract Society; Campus Crusade for Christ; Good News Publishers; Pacific Garden Mission; Soldier Ministries, Inc. The Catechism for Young Children with Cartoons, Book 1 and 2 Monster Smurf Zot La Pantera Rosa y El Inspector Hilly Rose?s Space Adventures Walt Disney?s Pato Donald Varona Shoney Bear and His Friends, #25 Magical Mike: The Real Story of Mike Dukakis Vic Lockman pamphlets Jesus Is My Friend! The Samaritan: Larson Street Kids Parables, Issue #1 Six Alcoholics Anonymous pamphlets Small Press Digests and Mini-comics Friendly Defenders Catholic Flash Cards