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Roy L. Schaeffer collection on John F. Kennedy

 Unprocessed Material — item: UASC.2012.036
Identifier: UASC-2012-036

Content Description

The Roy L. Schaeffer collection on John F. Kennedy includes books, magazines, VHS, audiocassette tapes, xeroxed materials and assorted documents, correspondence and writings dealing with the life and death of John F. Kennedy. This accession was added to an already existing collection from Mr. Schaeffer in the Rare Books room.

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Restrictions Apply



  • 1964-2012


1 Linear Feet (1 box of books, VHS, audiocassette, folders)


2 Books: Jones, Penn Jr. Forgive My Grief III, revised, (Midlothian, Texas: 1969). Reprinted with addendum January 1976. The Assassination Materials Disclosure Act of 1992: Hearing before the Committee on Governmental Affairs, United States Senate, One Hundred Second Congress, Second Session on S. J. Res. 282, May 12, 1992 1 VHS tape: “A forgery: photographic evidence of the Abraham Zapruder film altered and sold for $16 million” 1 audiocassette tape: “Overview of JFK evidence” 5 folders: 1. Assorted photocopies of photographs; two negatives; correspondence; printed news articles; writings, including “The Elemental Comparison of Bullet-Lead Evidence Specimens” by Vincent P. Guinn; letter to Mr. J. Lee Rankin, General Counsel, President’s Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy, January 6, 1964. (Yellow folder) 2. Assorted documents, correspondence, and writings dealing with the Zapruder film, including the article, “The Greatest Film Forgery of the 20th Century” by Roy L. Schaeffer, March 22, 1997. (Orange folder) 3. Print-out of Veteran’s Today article, “JFK Special 2: Oswald was in the doorway, after all!” by Ralph Cinque and Clare Kuehn (with Jim Fetzer), April 13, 2012. (Purple folder) 4. Crimson Crack/Schaeffer article: “Bullet Redaction Trails and a Bullet Strike Atop the Presidential Limousine Windshield Chrome Strip Captured on the Abrahham Zapruder Film During the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy” by Roy L. Schaeffer, along with letters and photocopied images. (Green folder) 5. Cause No. 73-93: Charles Crenshaw, M.D., and Gary Shaw v. Lawrence Sutherland, George Lundberg, Dennis Breo, The American Medical Association, D/B/A Journal of American Medical Association, The Dallas Morning News and David W. Belin in the District Court of Johnson County, Texas, 18th Judicial District. (Manila folder)