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Campus Ministry records

 Unprocessed Material — Multiple Containers
Identifier: UASC-2012-023

Content Description

12 boxes from Campus Ministry including photos, photo albums, minutes, department files and miscellaneous items. UNPROCESSED

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Restrictions Apply



  • 1979-2006


18 Linear Feet (12 boxes)


Box 1 Center for Social Concern photo album, 1994-1997 Center for Social Concern photo album, 1997-1999 Center for Social Concern photo album, 1998-1999 Photo album: UD Community Action Group (CAG); UD Summer Appalachian Program (SAP); Appalachian Plunge Photo album: UDCAG 1989 part 1 Photo album: UDCAG 1989 part 2 Photo album: UDCAG 1989 part 3 Photo album: UDCAG 1989 part 4 Box 2 Photo album: 2001-2004 Photo album: 2000-2002 (beginning Haiti BreakOut Spring 2000) Photo album: Summer Appalachian Program (UDSAP) 2000 Photo album: Helping Older People Appalachia Club scrapbook, 1979-1981 2 envelopes loose photos (removed from bulky albums) Folder: newsclippings Folder: Liberty Hall makeover photo album (removed from 3-ring album) Folder: Haiti BreakOut CDs (8): Campus Ministry Pics, Metanoia ’08; ETHOS; Ecuador Spring BreakOut, 2006; The Difference Nov.; The Difference; Biloxi Slideshow; Campus Ministry/CSC Photos for Website; Center for Social Concern – The Difference – Issue 5. UDSAP photos, 2002 Box 3 Campus Ministry photo album, 1992-1994 Campus Ministry Scrapbook, 1981-1995 Photo album: Appalachia Club; East Dayton Programs Kids Club scrapbook, 1992-1993 Box 4 UD Community Action Group photo album, 1990 Bread for the World scrapbook, 1990-1991 Aid to Special People (ASP) scrapbook, 1986-1995 Unlabeled photo album Unlabeled photo album OREINT/ARD/KAJAMA Cultural Theatre photo album, 1992 BreakOut/Immersion photos, 2006-2008 Office files Box 5 Circle K History Circle K Correspondence Goals Board Meeting Minutes Organization Advisory Council Club Monthly Reports University Announcements News Stories on Circle K Club Newsletters UD Directory Alumni Lt. Governor (Letters) Campaign Materials Hosting District Events (Bids) SP.O.T. Spring Officers Training District Convention Club Letterhead Key Club Information Service Club President’s Information Packet Circle K UD Circle K Awards Misc. Papers and Brochures United Students against Sweat Shops 2001-2002 UD Earth Club Ledger 1995-98 Community Leadership and Service Program Haiti Breakout Trip 1999 Agendas Liability Campus Ministry (Service Press Agendas) Bylaws Club Budget and Financial Information Students for Life Urban Plunge-History and Resources Part 1 Urban Plunge-History and Resources Part 2 Cincinnati Urban Plunge 2002-2006 Cincinnati Urban Immersion 2004 Workers Rights Consortium UD Teenworks 1996-2000 Rwanda Hope 1994? Marianist Environmental Education Club (MEEC) 2001-2002 Earth Week 4/18-4/25 2004 Kids Club The Difference Center for Social Concern Minutes 1996-1999; 2002 Center for Social Concern 2001-2002 Center for Social Concern 2000-2001 Into the Streets 2008 Into the Streets Coordinator Manual Volunteer/Service Opportunities Community Service Resource Guide Center for Social Concern Collaboration Box 6 Immersion 2002 Center for Social Concern Team Meetings 2007-08 CSC News Items 2002-04 CSC News Items 2004-05 CSC 2004-05 ITS-Team Leaders ITS Publicity ITS Reflection Catholic Worker Lobbying Rosters Legislation 1987-88 Ethics LIFE ETHIC Hunger Week 1993 Hunger Lectures 1990-92 Alan Berg Lobbying Environmental Earth Line 1992 CSC 2003-04 CSC 2003 CRS Campus Ministry 1999-2000 CM 1999 CSC 2004-05 CM 2000-01 CSC 2002 CSC 1995 Phil Aaron S.M. CSC 1996 CSC Planning CSC 1995-96 CSC 1998 Service Learning Faculty Handbook CSC 1993-94 CSC Development Student Neighborhood School of Americas 1998-99 SOA SOA Dec. 12 Faculty Development SL Goal 2 Faculty SL Publicity SL Advisory Board 1996 SL Net Printouts SL Syllabi Net SL Advisory Board 1994-95 SL June 1995 SL Awards 1996 SL Pan 1997 SL Action Plan SL Handbook SL 1997 SL Current SL Model National (Service) UDSAP 1994 Post-Grad Volunteer Cameroon 1999 Urban Plunge Orient. 1995-97 Dayton Urban Plunge October 3rd-5th Urban Plunge 2003 Let’s Talk Background Summer of Service Cincinnati Urban Plunge1998 Box 7 Miscellaneous Service Club Awareness Week President’s Meetings/Forms 1995-96 News Coverage 1996-97 CSC Meetings 1989 End of the Year Reports 1990-91 CSC Meeting Notes 1997-98 CSC Minutes 1996-97 CSC Meeting Notes 1994-95 End of the Year Reports 1997 End of the Year Reports 1993-94 End of the Year Reports 1995-96 End of the Year Reports 1994-95 Central Service Clubs Annual Report News Articles 1998-99 President’s Meetings 1997-98 CSC 1998-99 President’s Meeting 1998-99 Habitat Collegiate Miracle The Difference Photos-UDSC Consistent Ethic Faculty Symposium 1995 CLASP Alternative Careers Volunteer Fair 1989-92 Grant Reports 1991 Grant Reports 1992 Grant Reports 1993 Hunger Awareness Week Finances 1982-94 Hunger Awareness Week 1988-2000 Past Hunger Awareness Week (Pre 1988) Hunger Awareness Week 2001 “Justice Month” at UD Early 1980’s Beyond UD Fair 2001 Beyond UD Fair Past Alternative Career Fair 1985-86 Responses From Post-Grad Volunteering 1991-92 Volunteer Fairs Past Sesquicentennial Project Summer Service Internships 1991-97 U.P. News Articles CSC Meetings 2002-03 Urban Plunge Past Stuff End of the Year Reports 2003 CSC Meetings 1994-95/1995-96 The Difference 2001-02 Difference News Coverage/PR 1993-94 News Coverage 1994-95 End of the Year Reports 2000 End of the Year Reports 2001 Audobon Society CSC Meetings The Difference Box 8 Circle K Time Out Service Club Reflection Lunch Youth Volunteers Work Paper Work President’s Meetings 2004-05 Past S.C. President’s Meetings End of the Year Budgets 2004-05 UDSC Awareness 1991-1992 UDSC Awareness Week 1992-93 UDSC/CLASP News 1991-92 UDSC Constitution UDSC Evaluations 1991-92 UDSC/ITS News 1992-93 UDSC Newsletters UDSC Opening Year 1990 UDSC President’s Meetings 1992-93 Budget Forms UDSC Annual Report 1993 UDSC Annual Report 1992 End of the Year Summaries 2004-05 UDSC 1990-1991 Mass Collection Schedules Service Club Awareness Day 2005 UDSC Prayer Service UDSC President’s Meetings 1991-92 UDSC President’s Meetings/Forms 1994-95 Brochures 1993 News Articles 2001-02 SC Open House PAGES End of the Year Info. 2005-06 Paperwork UD Empower Campaign Bread for the World Girl Scouts STAND Hope for Holt Street Circle of Friends Entertainment for the Elderly Roots & Shoots Just for Kids Kids R Us Earth Teenworks Kids Club DECA Circle of Friends Amnesty International RIMS S.A.F.E. Puente KidZone MEEC SARE CMN Dance Marathon SC President’s Meetings 2003-04 Awareness Week President’s Meeting Minutes President’s Meetings 2001-02 SC President’s Meeting 2005-06 2005-06 Meeting Folders Disabilities Awareness Week Mental Health Issues Disability Workshop ITS 2003 ITS Projects 2004 ITS 2002 ITS 2001 ITS 2000 ITS Pre-Program Community Service Resource Guide CSC 2006-07 Campus Ministry Photos Box 9 Club Rosters 1986-87 Rosters 1987-88 Rosters 1988-89 Aid to Special People Read to the Blind Club Roster 1985-86 Helping Older People Appalachia Clubs UDCAG (UDSAP) Big Brothers/Big Sisters Monk’s Inn Plow Shares St. Joe’s Tutoring Club Music Therapy Knights of Columbus Kids Club Jaycees Hospice Youth Circle K 1985-86 Report Forms Students for Life Religious Ed. (SARE) UDCAG Circle K Bread for World Faces Earth Cystic Fibrosis Volunteers Club CSC Newsletters 1984-85 CSC Newsletter 1985-86 CSC Newsletter 1986-87 CSC Meeting 1987-88 CSC Meetings 1989-90 CSC 1983-84 CSC 1986-87 Central Service 1984-85 CSC Annual Report 1991 CSC Reports for 1990-91 CSC Reports 1989-90 CSC Reports 1988-89 Original CSC Report 1987-88 Original CSC Report 1986-87 Original CSC Report 1985-86 Original CSC Report 1984-85 Service Clubs Report Feb. 1984 Original CSC Report 1983-84 Original CSC Report 1982-83 Original Central Service Clubs Report 1981-82 Central Service Report Original 1980-81 Original Service Organization Report 1979-80 Original Service Organization Report 1978-79 Appalachia 1990-91 Amnesty 1990-91 ASP 1990-91 Bread for the World 1990-91 Circle K 1990-91 Cystic Fibrosis 1990-91 BB/BS 1990-91 Pax Christi 1990-91 CSC Awareness Week 1990-91 Earth 1990-91 Faces 1990-91 Habitat for Humanity 1990-91 Hands in Harmony 1990-91 Helping Older People 1990-91 Hospice 1990-91 Kids Club 1990-91 Monk’s Inn 1990-91 Music Therapy 1990-91 Read to the Blind 1990-91 SARE 1990-91 St. Joe’s 1990-91 St. Vincent’s Society Students for Life 1990-91 Aid to Special People 1991-92 Amnesty International 1991-92 Appalachia Club 1991-92 Big Brothers/Big Sisters 1991-92 Bread for the World/Partners 1991-92 Circle K 1991-92 Cystic Fibrosis 1991-92 Earth 1991-92 Faces 1991-92 Helping Older People 1991-92 Habitat for Humanity 1991-92 Hands in Harmony 1991-92 Hospice Youth 1991-92 Just for Kids Kids 1991-92 Monks’ Inn 1991-92 Music Therapy 1991-92 Pax Christi 1991-92 Read to the Blind 1991-92 SARE 1991-92 St. Joe 1991-92 Students for Life 1991-92 St. Vincent’s Club 1991-92 End of Report 1992-93 CLASP Background, Early History CLASP Miscellaneous Information CLASP Proposal CLASP Publicty Pre-CLASP Service Learning Staff Into the Streets 1994 News Coverage 1995-96 Nick Cardilino ITS Publicity President’s Meetings 1996-97 1982-1987 Don Smith, S.M. Notes: Experiential Learning Reflections & Plans Sierra Leone 1990 Breakout 1994 DSOS Past Groups 1998 Breakouts Breakout 1996-97 Breakout 1998 Breakout 1993 Alternatives to Daytona 1989-93 Box 10-11 Bro. Phil Aaron’s Immersion program files Box 12 Slides, negatives, photographs, plaques, certificates removed from frames