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Catholic Press Association materials

Identifier: CSC-2012-5
Dates: ca. 1950-1970

Center for International Programs records

 Unprocessed — Item UASC.2011.038
Identifier: UASC-2011-038
Dates: 1975-1995

Center for International Studies records

 Unprocessed — Item UASC.2012.018
Identifier: UASC-2012-018
Dates: 1987-1997

Center for Social Concern records from Brother Phil Aaron

 Unprocessed — Item UASC.2013.009
Identifier: UASC-2013-009
Dates: 1987-2007

Ceslas Spicq manuscripts

Identifier: ML-2017-002

Christmas card engravings

Identifier: ML-2016-003
Dates: 1937

Christmas Cards

Identifier: ML-0000-003
Dates: unknown

Church windows print ephemera collection

Identifier: ML-0000-043
Dates: unknown

Clugnet Fragments

Identifier: ML-0000-029
Dates: unknown

Collection of American Catholic music scores

Identifier: CSC.2015.4

Collection of Christmas cards

Identifier: CSC-2012-4
Dates: n.d.

Collection of Passionist devotional materials

Identifier: CSC-2012-2
Dates: circa 1900-1970

Collection on the Society of Mary

 Unprocessed — Item UASC.2011.063
Identifier: UASC-2011-063
Dates: 2011

Collection on the University of Dayton buildings

 Unprocessed — Item UASC.2011.030
Identifier: UASC-2011-030
Dates: 1968-1997

Collection on University of Dayton events

 Unprocessed — Item UASC.2010.007
Identifier: UASC-2010-007
Dates: unknown

Collection on University of Dayton events

 Unprocessed — Item UASC.2012.035
Identifier: UASC-2012-035
Dates: 1964

College of Arts and Sciences Pre-Law program

 Unprocessed — Item UASC.2011.015
Identifier: UASC-2011-015
Dates: 1995

Colored Engravings

Identifier: ML-0000-037
Dates: unknown

Common Academic Program Committee

Identifier: UASC-2013-039
Dates: 2012 - 2013

Contemporary Marian Albums

Identifier: ML-0000-007
Dates: unknown

Continuing Education and Special Programs records

Identifier: UASC-2009-035
Dates: 2006

Dallas Wert donation

 Unprocessed — Item UASC.2011.001
Identifier: UASC-2011-001
Dates: 1889-1917

David Buckley papers

 Unprocessed — Item UASC.2010.019
Identifier: UASC-2010-019
Dates: unknown

Dayton Bach Society records

 Unprocessed — Item UASC.2012.022
Identifier: UASC-2012-022
Dates: 1980-2002

Dayton Christian Jewish Dialogue

Identifier: UASC-2015-003-a

Dayton Christian Jewish Dialogue

Identifier: UASC-2015-003-b
Dates: 1991 - 2008

Dean of Engineering

Identifier: UASC-2013-037

Dean William Hoben papers

 Unprocessed — Item UASC.2010.005
Identifier: UASC-2010-005
Dates: 1985

Dean's Office - University Libraries

Identifier: UASC-2013-023
Dates: 1995-2005